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Perlis is a unique range of Jewellery: All the materials and gems are Australian, excluding the rhodium used in the plating of silver and white gold jewellery. The Perlis range is made in Australia to the highest standards.

Australian Gold and Silver: Perlis uses gold that is mined in central Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territory, as well as using secondary gold that is refined in Victoria and Western Australia. All Perlis silver is from the Port Pirie smelter.

Australian South Sea Pearls, are the finest in quality, and are farmed in the Bays and Coves between Broome and Darwin. Australian pearl farming methods are to the highest standards internationally. All the pearls in the Perlis range are guaranteed Australian.

Australian Diamonds: The Argyle Diamond mines produce the finest, darkest, most valuable Pink Diamonds, as well as Champagne, Cognac and White Diamonds. The Ellendale Mine in Western Australia is known for its vivid fancy Yellow Diamonds. All Perlis Diamonds are guaranteed to be Australian.

Australian Sapphires: Australia is a major producer of high quality Sapphires, mainly from Northern NSW, Central Queensland, and The Lava Plains in Northern Queensland, found in Blue, green , yellow and mixed – parti- colours.